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Perceiving how the secure transactions space is moving from physical to digital, Manipal Technologies(ManipalTech) aims to proactively address emerging customer needs by offering E-Payments Solutions and Services that facilitate secure transaction handling in BFSI segment.

We have partnered with Alaric Alaric Logo, one of the leading service providers in the fields of Secure Payments, Payment Channel Integration & Processing and Fraud prevention for technology & knowledge transfer. Alaric provides intelligent payments transaction handling and fraud detection & prevention solutions, enabling stakeholders across the retail payment value chain grow their business through continuous innovation and superior fraud detection performance. Products under this collaboration are:

EFT Switch Solution - Authentic - Authentic is a modern EFT authorization and routing system for issuers and acquirers of credit, debit, charge and private label cards. Alaric’s retail payments platform is used by banks and processors throughout the globe to support authorization & switching and driving ATM / POS networks. An SOA-oriented product, Authentic is platform independent and designed for easy integration.

Real Time Risk and Fraud Management System - Fractals - Fractals provides a framework for fraud detection and prevention. It offers a new approach for detecting card-based fraud, improving greatly on the traditional and increasingly out-dated neural network approaches. Fractals protects transactions on credit, debit and pre-paid cards and vouchers arising on any payment channel. An extremely flexible tool, Issuer and acquirer modules can be deployed in a single system. It has been used by many large processors and banks around the globe to provide fraud detection / prevention services to their customer bases with market-leading levels of fraud detection and very low false positives.

ManipalTech offers solutions & services built around these product suites based on customer’s specific requirements – in a hosted SaaS model as well as Licence sale model. Our Solutions & Services are delivered through a highly experienced team of Industry professionals with extensive domain expertise and are fully backed by global experience in Consulting, Solution configuration & Integration, Solution Deployment and Service delivery of the Alaric team.

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