Account Statements

It is now mandatory for every organization- big or small to publish their account statements periodically. Since this is required at regular intervals, regular replication is likely. In addition to this, owing to its sensitive nature, they must be published on an authorised company letter-head.

Under the above circumstances, optimised printing solutions become a necessity. At Manipal Technologies, we have high-end technology with complete automation to ensure efficient printing of the account details and other finance-related details on the company letter-head. Our special features include:

  • Account holder statements in envelope-inserted as well as self-mailer formats.
  • Collated multiple pages folded and inserted automatically in case of bulk statements
  • Automatic perforation and gluing of pages for every individual in case there are multiple pages
  • Deliver large production volumes with a quick turnaround
  • Handle vast databases
  • Targeted communication in case of additional content promotion
  • Shipping and logistics to consumers on behalf of our clientele base

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