Enterprise Fraud Risk Management Solution (EFRMS)

A solution for real time fraud detection and prevention by transaction monitoring and customer profiling

What you get

  • Accuracy: lower false positives and higher detection rate
  • Self-adaptation: learns from analyst’s feedback
  • Business Intelligence: Rich, interactive, drill-down, visual displays with Key Risk Indicators and Link Analysis
  • Unified view
  • Event Driven Architecture: cross-channel view of fraud using complex event processing
  • Comprehensive scoring models
  • Integration with CRRF and NSS

You Can

  • Detect fraud spread across channels, countries and silos
  • Let data help you improve accuracy in your decisions instead of drowning you (Predictive Models)
  • Finetune your FRM and List Lookup systems to serve you better (MIS)
  • Use building blocks made from multiple aspects of transactions, entity profiles and simple statistics to configure complex fraud patterns (Model Builder)
  • Try out fraud models to check their usefulness (Rule Simulator)
  • Make intelligent decisions with relevant data (Analyst’s workbench)
  • Profile data through web-service

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