Authentic: Payment Authorization & Switching

Authentic is a state of the art EFT system that reduces costs, increases business agility and enhances competitive edge. Authentic achieves this via an approach which uses configuration rather than coding to implement client-specific customizations.



Authentic is an SOA-ready authentication, authorization and switching system suitable for issuers, acquirers and processors of debit, credit and charge cards, electronic vouchers and other pre-paid products. Authentic is designed to be highly configurable so it easily can cope with continual change in the payments market. It allows new business needs to be addressed quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Developed wholly using open systems standards, Authentic incorporates ground breaking features such as true point-&-click configurable payment message transformation, user configurable business rules and dynamic reconfiguration of system components. Authentic can handle a wide variety of interfaces to national and international payment networks, Point of Service (POS) devices, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and internet channels. Authentic ’s flexible architecture ensures that it integrates readily with other systems to enable and support new payments services and delivery channels. Authentic also integrates with 3rd party fraud detection systems for real time fraud detection and prevention.


Authentic key facts:

  • The ultimate in configurable, high performance EFT systems
  • PA-DSS (PCI) Certified
  • Transparent and re-configurable business logic
  • Real-time Risk Management Rules
  • Easy configuration for new network and host interfaces through Message Mapper
  • Off-the-shelf card scheme support
  • ATM support for all major devices
  • Multiple POS device support
  • Fully EMV compliant
  • Scalable from small gateway systems to global networks
  • 100% written in Java
  • Fully platform independent
  • Proven on Sun, Stratus, IBM, HP and others
  • Designed for 24×7, 99.999% resilience
  • Benchmarked at over


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