Outsourced print supply chain solutions for Banks

Banks have the uphill task of keeping a check on the expenses on their printed products across the vast spread of branches. Central sourcing caused inordinate delays at the branch. Giving autonomy to the branches causes unregulated expenses and problems with branding and marketing communications. Manipal Technologies Ltd. provides the facility of outsourcing the entire print supply chain to us. With IT support we map the entire demand supply scenario – tracking of demand from the branches and supply from warehouses and local hubs of production houses. We do the vendor management to ensure that the banks have the cost advantage and also enjoy low turn around times for stock replenishing. Our understanding of print enables us to monitor the quality and costs of all the products utilized by the bank at the branches. Our technological competence provides the backbone for matching the demand and supply in a cost effective manner and enables us to give you tailor made solutions to meet your organizational objectives.

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