Secure Holograms

Titled “Personalized Holograms” online Holograms are brand authentication tools which find wide application across all industries, be it universities, publishers, FMCG or pharmaceuticals. The Government also has large applications of this security feature.

ManipalTech provides holograms as a security feature to all its clients. Our in-house manufacturing unit allows us produce personalized holograms for all our client requirements with security features like kinetic image, covert laser feature, concealed image, multi- channel effect, guilloche patterns, micro/nano text, etc.

We also provide various types of holograms based on the security and application requirement. Tamper evident holograms are ruined if any attempt is made to remove it. Scratch holograms are fixed over a secure code/number, which will be revealed when the hologram is scratched. The holograms can be provided in roll or stripe formats to facilitate automatic application by a machine. Custom made holographic hot stamping foils with registration marks trace the registration marks on them onto the substrate like paper or PVC when stamped with the machine, as compared to the regular holography hot transfer foils in which the complete foil transfers to the substrate. Both these types can also be made available depending on the customer requirement.

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