Biometric Identification Based Solutions

High security threats and misrepresentation of identities leading to inefficient delivery of government’s welfare services has led the Indian Government to seek solutions for authentic identification of individuals. To address this issue the Unique Identification Authority of India was established and unique identification numbers are given to each citizen identifiable by his/her biometrics. Biometric capture and subsequent authentication is now becoming mandatory for all government departments and schemes like the RSBY, PDS, NREGA etc.

Manipal Technologies Limited provides biometric identification solutions customized to each of the Government’s requirements. The technology backbone enables the required transactions in a secured environment. Our highly competent execution team ensures that all the beneficiaries are enrolled into the system along with their biometric details within optimal timelines. The setting up of agent networks is also handled by our team in a highly efficient manner.

Our robust technology allows us to maintain consistent high service levels even in the harshest rural conditions. The group’s capable operations team ensures that the project runs on schedule and the welfare schemes make a difference.

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