End-to-End Digital Publishing Services (DIGITAL)

Manipal Tehnologies Ltd. is a pioneer in the eBook production and Data services industry. We are processing almost half a million pages every year for our customers in different requirements. We convert any input to eBook formats, with highest quality, less time and competitive costs.

Our well experienced team can provides you suggestions on device compatibility issues and deliver you the best eBook experience. We are having huge expertise in ePub 2.0 & 3.0, Fixed Layout eBooks and Amazon Mobi conversions. Our team of creative specialists and eBook architects can develop your static book to interactive animated eBooks that work on most of the supported devices.

Our Data conversion consultants are the best to provide you XML tagging services. We can handle any complex DTDs, Schemas & RelaxNGs and also provide services in creating one for you. We also provides stylesheet developments, Quality Control of XMLs using parsing & validation and developing the QC tools.

MTL believes in technology, and thus built platforms that set the process in maximum automation levels with flexibility of handling ever changing requirements of our customers. Few of our solutions are the following:

  • Collaborative Magazine production (Woodwing)

  • XML First Typesetting with End to End workflow integration and multi-channel outputs (PublishOne)

  • Tell us your requirements. Get a quote customized to your exact requirements.