Transpromotional / Transactional Production Services

Most organizations like banks, insurance and telecom companies need to send transactional documents like bills, periodic statements etc to their customers. This requirement needs the organization to produce large volumes of sheets with variable data. Also since the transactional statements are received by the customers they form the best platform for promotional communication. Our capability in Digital technology allows us to produce large volumes of variable data sheets with ease. The transactional production division has the capability to provide variable communication on each of the sheets so as to allow you to provide targeted promotional communication to your customers. We also provide distribution services to end customers after the production, along with MIS tracking. Manipal Technologies Limited has the technical capability to meet all your transactional and trans-promotional requirements, providing end-to-end solution from data management to delivery of the statements to the end customers. Our expertise has led all the leading banks, insurance and telecom companies to be in our client list.

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