Financial Inclusion

Majority of the Indian population is concentrated in the rural areas. Yet, Indian economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. However, the rural population is poverty ridden and this is mostly because there has been no financial awareness among the rural sections. Hence, in order to promote development, it is necessary to make the banking sector approachable to the rural class. RBI has made it mandatory for all banks to cover the rural areas of India under the financial inclusion. It requires outsourced service providers to provide adequate technology and also set up business correspondent networks or human ATMs.

Manipal technologies Limited provide financial inclusion solution to banks in order to facilitate the Inclusion drive. The main features of our solution include:

  • Potent, expansible technology in place which ensures high quality service in rural areas

  • In-built security and disaster recovery systems so that the transactions are secure

  • The technology is inter-operational

  • It can be integrated to any of the existing CBS Systems with the bank and to any front-end interface

Since the banks expect an efficient service by business correspondents, quick turnaround time for setting up the network and a secure transaction environment, we have good technology in place. Our technology and their components such as Middleware/HHTs ensure the same.

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