With only one letter press machine, a handful of 15 employees and just one client – Syndicate Bank – the Manipal Technologies Limited has grown by leaps and bounds over these seven decades, since the 1941. Under the supportive leadership of Mr Mohandas Pai combined with the dedicated headship of Mr Satish Pai, Manipal Press Ltd. (back then) quickly evolved from being a back office for Syndicate Bank to a service provider to all the banks in the country. And by 1955, a Security Production Division was established which became the first RBI approved security facility in India in 1984 for its compliant backdrop.

Then, a Business Stationery Division in 1988 to assist the clients’ requirements was set up. Subsequently, the nineties were mostly about expanding the production capabilities to newer industry segments like Government, Corporate Companies, etc. and, basically, chalking a pan India presence.

Come 1997, Mr. Gautham Pai took over the operations at Manipal Technologies Limited, just when the global markets looked promising with their newly opened up avenues. Adapting to the changing times, the security facility got IBA approval in 2000. Young dynamism of Gautham with the adoption of global technologies resulted in the charting of newer business ventures. Like establishment of a Transactional Production Division in 2003, Card Division in 2004 for the production of secure paper cards for the Telecom Industry. Then Manipal Digital Systems in 2007, catering to the digital space and commercial print space.

Going bullish on their expansion, Manipal Technologies Limited made substantial investments in 2008-09 with the setting up of a new Packaging division, a new Commercial Production facility and MCT Cards and Technology Ltd – the largest secure card production facility in India. Starting 2008, Manipal Technologies Limited focussed its competencies in bringing forth objective industry solutions and products catering the evolving needs of certain defined business verticals.

It’s no wonder that Manipal Technologies Limited has left its footprints of success across diverse industries, carving an indelible niche for itself and making history in the process.

Mr. T. Gautham Pai
Executive Chairman

A third-generation ‘Pai’ – of the Pai family that created world-class Manipal, Mr. Gautham was formally inducted into the family business in 1997 after acquiring the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Printing Technology from Manipal Institute of Technology. Mr. Gautham Pai believes in leveraging on the Group’s core values of honesty, reliability, innovation, pioneering and respect for every individual, to build a sustainable high-growth and profitable organization. He strives to add value to customers continually by knowing their businesses so as to adequately address their pains, needs and value requirements. He has earned an enviable reputation amongst colleagues and customers alike for displaying a rare balance of strategic insight, operational expertise, new technology adaptability and sales / marketing savvy.

  • Payment Solutions (2012)
  • Plastic Cards
  • Packaging & Labels (2008)
  • Telecom Cards
  • Business Forms
  • Security Printing
  • Commercial Printing (1941)
Born as Manipal Power Press Ltd. (MPL)

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