Cards Division

Plastic Cards

India being an emerging economy, adoption of plastic cards is in the fledgling stage but rapidly becoming popular and replacing cash in the major metros. To cater to this high potential market Manipal Technologies Limited set up the plastic cards division in 2008, in a JV with Chanwanich Security Printing Company and Thomas Greg & Sons. The MCT facility is Visa, MasterCard and RuPay certified for both EMV and DI cards, and is the largest plastic cards facility in the country. Within the two years of operations we have already captured more than 50% of the banking Debit / Credit / Pre-paid cards market. We have also put in place infrastructure to produce smart cards and with the SCOSTA certification are now offering SIM cards and smart cards for applications like biometric identification, payment facilitation etc. With the setting up of the UIDIA most government departments are beginning to establish processes for e-governance, implying that a large number of departments are issuing smart cards for identification and transactions. The private sector is not far behind in transitioning to smart cards with banks issuing debit, credit, gift and transit cards in the smart-card format. Even the Retail, Aviation and Hospitality industries are beginning to prefer their loyalty cards to be in smart card formats. Our facility caters to all the plastic card requirements non-mag-stripe, mag-stripe and smart card formats.

Technology & Infrastructure

The MCT facility at Manipal is spread over 85,000 sq. ft with a Disaster Recovery Site at Mumbai. Both the facilities are equipped with machinery from redoubtable OEM suppliers like Heidelberg, Muehlbauer, Burkle, Matica, Sakurai etc. with a base card printing capacity of 300,000 cards /day. Magnetic-stripe, contact and contact-less smart card formats of plastic cards are produced by the post printing operations. The personalization division can provide card personalization by embossing, indenting, thermal printing in both color and B&W and magnetic strip and chip encoding. MCT is ISO 9001-2008 certified for its Quality Management System.

Both the Manipal and Mumbai facilities follow all security procedures and are equipped with security devices such as CCTV, PIR, Access Control, Vibration detectors; Laser beam protected fences and Round the clock manned security control room. The IT infrastructure is ISO 27001 – 2005 certified to ensure all processes for the security and confidentiality of the data are followed.

Paper Cards

Manipal Technologies Limited has state of the art paper cards facility with all the production machines from the most well know suppliers in the field like Atlantic Zeiser Cardline, Blumer, Kora packmart etc. This facility allows us to print all sorts of paper cards like gift cards, loyalty cards, gaming cards etc. However the show stealer is the telecom recharge voucher. Manipal Technologies Limited is a market leader in the Telecom recharge vouchers (RCVs) market. Our facility provides error free pin printing on high quality cards. We provide all types of RCV formats from single to 10 pins-in-1 card to sheets.

With the telecom boom, pre-paid recharge cards/vouchers became the norm. Telecom companies not only wanted a secure product but also high quality printing to showcase their brand. Manipal Technologies Limited set up its paper scratch cards division in 2004 to cater to the high volume RCV requirements for the Telecom companies and with our expertise we became market leaders. As the competition increased the telecom industry wanted cheaper options. To meet this business requirement our in-house teams worked to produce the 10-in-1 label cards and the sheet formats.

Infrastructure & Technology:

Housed in the secure facility the Paper cards division boasts of high volume, high speed, automated and secure production lines that guarantee an output of over 3.5 million error free cards per day. The sheet-fed SM 74, provides high quality base card printing not only for RCVs but also for other paper card applications like gift cards, loyalty cards etc. Pins are printed and labels affixed in the Cardline machines. The indigenous camera inspection mechanisms provide error free printing even in case of the innovative 10-in-1 cards. Sheet formats allow upto 50 pins to be printed on a single sheet. This format is printed on the 9 colour concept machine with laser technology heads for printing of pins. The facility also has the capability to provide plastic pouches for individual cards.

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