Secure Division

Security Production / Business Forms / Transactional Production Division

Manipal Technologies Limited started as the back office of Syndicate Bank in 1941. As the needs of the bank evolved we became a security printing press in 1955. With increasing number of customers and requirements, 1988 saw the set up of a separate Business Forms Division started to accommodate the continuous stationery requirements of banks and other businesses. In 1984 we became the first RBI approved security printing press. Adapting to the changing times our facility got IBA approval in 2000 and we started Transactional Products Division in 2003. Since its inception the security facility has grown in capacity and in technological capabilities in line with the demands of the customers and today is the largest private security printing facility in India. The facility is also ISO 9001:2000 QMS certified for the consistent attention paid to quality and improvement frameworks.

We are in the business of facilitating secure transactions and we have over seven decades of experience in producing the most comprehensive security features to ensure authenticity of transactions. Not only do we produce all the products for the banking industry like checks, DDs, pass books etc. we also cater to the needs of other industries with requirements for secure products like excise labels, holograms, transit passes etc for the Government and many more. The business forms division is an extension of the security division wherein we provide transaction records like deposit receipts, invoices, computer stationery, etc in continuous form or as cut sheets. All major finishing process capabilities, such as carbon interweaving crimping gluing etc are available.

With the advent of digital technologies we were able to provide personalized products to our clients. Transactional products division ensured that our clients were able to communicate directly to their end customers and this was a big advantage for them. Having started this division in 2003 we found that our clients’ bill printing, statement printing, personalized check printing and other personalization requirements to be escalating. In response we have expanded our production capacity at Manipal and also set up production units in all the metros, ensuring a printing and mailing capability of over half a million personalized cheques and a million bank statement pages per day.

Infrastructure & Technology:

Beginning with the humble letter press machines Manipal Technologies Limited has invested heavily in technology over the years and now has all the state of the art machines from renowned manufactures like Muller martini, Heidelberg, Kodak etc. which cover a wide range of technologies like Offset, Gravure, Flexo printing and digital printing technologies like Laser and Ink jet. Partnering with Thomas Greg and Sons, Colombia, in a JV, we have brought the Intaglio technology to India, making us the only private security printing company in India to provide intaglio security features. We have also ensured that we move from the CTF plate making processes to the highly efficient CTP processes.

The production units are housed in an IBA approved secure facility, with CC cameras monitoring all the activities and regular audits are conducted to check security procedures. Data security processes are sacrosanct to us, as proved by the ISO 27001: 2005 certification of the facility. All secure products’ delivery happens through company vehicles or by RBI approved carriers.

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